The Only Work From Home Survival Kit Your Employees Will Ever Need

Meet the work from home survival kit for your employees. In recent years, working from home, popularly abbreviated as WFH, became the global trend for the future. The demands of a WFH environment are different, so organizing thoughtful packages for your remote employees will go a long way in empowering them to continue to be productive … Read more

How to Keep Employees Engaged and Motivated

Success is every business’ goal. However, achieving this goal is not possible without empowered employees.  Companies are only as good as their employees, so keeping employees motivated and engaged is crucial. Employee productivity and employee motivation Human touch and manual labor are essential, even in today’s digital age and time.  Employees are the frontline of any … Read more

Cool Sticker Design Ideas Crucial for Your Brand Identity

There’s no marketing like sticker marketing when it comes to promoting your brand in an effective and persuasive way.  Stickers are eye-catching, easily tailored to your target audience, and are both engaging and multi-functional. Here are some amazing design ideas to consider to leave a great brand impression in 2022. Why use any sticker design for … Read more

How to Design Your Own Laptop Case

With current work-from-home trends, remote working, and being on the road, laptops, and tablets are slowly but surely replacing desktops in the UK. With a laptop comes portability, but these devices also need protection from everyday bumps and scratches. Custom laptop cases are what you need! Besides protecting your laptop, a laptop case or a laptop sleeve … Read more

Posters for a Home Office That Bring Life Into Your World

Whether you’re self-employed, remote employee, or simply have a hobby, having a quiet, beautiful, and cozy workspace is vital. Home offices have become a norm in the United Kingdom these days. However, staying motivated throughout a long workday is not always an easy task.  Decorating your walls visually or verbally inspiring posters will give you a boost … Read more

Trending T-shirts You Must Have for 2022

T-shirt is everybody’s unifying closet staple. It is the missing piece when you don’t know what to wear. It provides comfort when you’re feeling down, confidence when you’ve conquered the day.  Seriously though, what is a closet without a t-shirt?  Nothing. T-shirts are global and have universal appeal. Even more, they are cultural icons. So much so, that … Read more

Top Ecommerce Trends 2022 to Get Excited About

In recent years, all industries have been disrupted by many factors, trends, and events. From the global pandemic to the rise in demand for sustainable products, there have been many changes that affected consumers’ behaviour, creating new and fortifying some recent eCommerce trends. Let’s hear it for the top eCommerce trends for 2022! First, let’s acknowledge … Read more