5 Reasons Why Promotional Products Work

It’s a fact: promotional items are one of the first advertising techniques used. But how much of an impact can these small promotional trinkets have on today’s customers?  A big one.  According to a study¹, promotional products are still the most effective advertising form despite the TV and digital marketing advancements.   Promotional products pros … Read more

How Can Products Be Used to Promote a More Sustainable Lifestyle?

Environmental and sustainable living has long been a trend in e-commerce. However, in recent years, e-commerce has experienced rapid growth, having an unprecedented environmental impact.  Consequently, online retailers have been thinking of ways to address increasing demands for sustainability from their consumers while establishing corporate social responsibility and reiterating eco-friendly approaches in the supply chain. … Read more

Your Guide to T-Shirt Photo Printing

Among millions of available articles in today’s market, it is difficult to choose the perfect gift. When it comes to our loved ones, the gifts we give must have meaning, put a smile on their face and create new memories. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect solution: personalised t-shirt photo printing. When to use t-shirt photo … Read more

What is an online product catalogue?

An online product catalogue contains all your products, neatly organized with product details. This concise concept helps potential customers make a purchase decision. The online product catalog lives on your website. However, you can share it with internal and external stakeholders via any platform. You can also download it and use it offline.  A Digital … Read more

Here’s Why You Need Custom Sportswear

When it comes to personalisation, custom sportswear always first comes to mind. Sports teams need something to wear that represents them well, and personalised sports apparel is the obvious solution. Regardless of whether it’s a professional or amateur sport, cricket, hockey, soccer, tennis, or fitness – there’s more to personalised sports apparel than it seems. … Read more

Boost Your Business with Personalised Workwear

Companies are always on the lookout for creative ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. Implementing the use of personalised workwear, from shirts to jackets, is a perfect option to achieve this. For your business, it projects an image of professionalism, integrity, and expertise.  For your employees, it represents discipline, trust, and devotion to their job.  … Read more

What is a Welcome Pack and When to Use it?

The digitalization age and the pandemic have created amongst people a mindset wary of distance, guard, and caution. This translates into most aspects of our life, but work doesn’t have to be one of them. Camaloon has created a selection of welcome pack ideas you can customize for your employees, a new client, or guests, … Read more