The Best BPA-Free Water Bottles You Simply Need

The best way to avoid exposure to BPA is to drink from BPA-free bottles. Fortunately, there is a large variety of BPA-free water bottles on the market, as a safe alternative.  Whether you’d like a reusable water bottle to keep you refreshed throughout your workout, cold on a hot workday or an insulated bottle to keep your cuppa joe warm for long car rides – there’s a BPA-free water bottle for your lifestyle. And most of them are dishwasher safe!

BPA-free water bottles – what does it mean

BPA, an abbreviation for bisphenol A, is a chemical often found in plastics such as water bottles.  It can also be found as a coating on the inner side of metal products like bottle tops. 

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Health concerns related to BPA

Despite its many uses, small amounts can dissolve inside these containers and cause several health conditions.   Namely, research has shown that BPA may disrupt our hormones and reproductive systems. Additional studies suggest the possibility that BPA could be linked to increased blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

BPA-free water bottle benefits

There are many health benefits to choosing to drink water from a BPA-free reusable water bottle. For instance, BPA-free water bottles are more eco-friendly and less likely to leak chemicals into the water.  BPA-free water bottles are also recyclable and healthier for young children.

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Drink, rinse and repeat -BPA-free bottle alternatives

Studies have found that consuming BPA-free bottled water is, generally speaking, much better for your health and can prevent you from many health complications. Let’s analyse the available BPA-free, reusable water bottles!

Stainless steel BPA-free water bottle

If you’re looking for the latest BPA-free reusable water bottle for outdoor adventure, a stainless steel water bottle might be your best pick. Double-wall vacuum insulation of a stainless steel water bottle is great for maintaining temperatures. You can rest assured that no matter how long your trip is – water bottle vacuum insulation will keep your drink just as you like it!

Our frosted water bottles have stainless steel insulation for optimate temperature plus – they are dishwasher safe, which isn’t common for stainless steel insulated water bottles.  Most insulated water bottles are not dishwasher safe, due to the dishwasher’s tough environment which can deform the seal on bottles that aren’t dishwasher safe and ruin the exterior over time.  But this stainless steel water bottle is fully dishwasher safe and, of course, shatter-proof.

stainless steel bpa free water bottle

Kids’ reusable water bottles

Don’t forget the little ones! BPA-free water bottles for kids come in many styles and patterns that staying hydrated fun. Best of all, they can be personalised in different colours, matte finish or any way you want so you can have the exact water bottle your kids will love. Best kids’ water bottles have a wide mouth or a short spout that easily flips open, both making it easy for little ones to drink from. Pay attention also to the width that should be narrow or covered with a silicone sleeve, perfect sie for little fingers’ good grip.  It goes without saying that kids should have a lightweight water bottle to carry easily through everyday activities.

Plastic BPA-free water bottles

There are a plethora of plastic BPA-free water bottles that are the perfect addition for your next sports activity.  Our dishwasher-safe, lightweight BPA-free plastic bottles come in several sizes, making them slim enough to fit in cup holders or large enough to fit into your bag and get you through the entire day.  A wide-mouth opening makes it easy to add ice cubes for extra cold drinks or to keep your water cool. A drinking spout makes them leak-proof and spill-proof. It also has a sturdy carrying handle or a cord that makes the water bottle an especially convenient choice for commuters. On top of them being safe and BPA-free, you can personalise them with any sleek design that puts a smile on your face or pep in your step! Stylish water bottle, anyone?

Sustainable BPA-free water bottles

BPA-free bottles are sustainable and designed to be beneficial both for you and the environment while reducing the carbon footprint.  End plastic pollution by replacing single-use plastics with the best water bottles that are BPA-free!  Our BPA-free water bottles are made of non-toxic Tritan™ plastic and come in a variety of colours that motivate you to keep hydrated.  Drink more water, rinse and repeat!  With BPA-free reusable water bottles, you eliminate your need for single-use plastic bottles and learn to use less plastic in general. Drinking never felt this good!

Glass water bottles

Fun fact – glass is naturally free from all chemicals, including being BPA-free.  All glass water bottles are BPA-free water bottles, and only their lid could disturb that balance.  Our glass bottles have a wide mouth opening, making them easy to clean by hand, or for adding ice or chunks of fruit. Styles include dishwasher-safe water bottles and water bottles wrapped in silicone for a non-slip grip.  There are also those with a bamboo lid as the ultimate BPA-free sustainable option. These lids also ensure your water bottle is leak-proof.

bpa free glass water bottle

BPA-free bottle straws

You added ice cubes to keep liquids cold, added your fave cocktail mix and got yourself a perfect drink. The next thing you need are straws to help you enjoy each sip of your drinks! But not just any – BPA-free water bottles need accessories of equally great reputation.  Why not choose sustainable straws to top it off! From convenient, recyclable paper straws to effortlessly reusable and sustainable stainless steel and bamboo straws. There are many choices to fuel every journey with easy-to-clean hydration accessories designed with your busy life in mind.

Count on Camaloon

We understand that it’s important to stay hydrated, simply and sustainably. At Camaloon, our goal is to provide the best and safest products to our customers, using sustainable and natural materials such as BPA-free plastic. That is why we specialise in a great range of sustainable and reusable bottles throughout the UK.  We provide safe and sustainable BPA bottle alternatives while giving you the freedom to personalise them to your own liking!

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You control how much water you’d like your water bottle to hold and what drinks to pour in. You choose whether your water bottle’s perfect size means it’ll fit into your gym bag or your small bag. Whether you’d like a sports cap that fully prevents spills when you’re not drinking water, a wide mouth cap that allows for free water flow or other bottles that can fit into your car cup holders – choices are endless. The bottom line is, that the best water bottle is the one that holds the liquid you want, the way you want. For this reason, we fully believe in personalisation of everyday products, such as your water bottle.

You should feel good about your health and wellness routine.  BPA-free hydration accessories for every part of life will give you peace of mind. We make sure you enjoy quenching your thirst without the fear of potential BPA effects.  A water bottle that keeps your water cold, insulated bottles that are spill-proof for hot drinks, water bottles with a straw lid or drinking spout that’s easy to flip open- we have it all. Browse our online store, let us know what you’d like and we’ll make it happen!

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