Your Guide to T-Shirt Photo Printing

Among millions of available articles in today’s market, it is difficult to choose the perfect gift. When it comes to our loved ones, the gifts we give must have meaning, put a smile on their face and create new memories. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect solution: personalised t-shirt photo printing.

When to use t-shirt photo printing

Beautiful memories are something we want to hold onto forever. Photos allow us to record life’s greatest moments, get the conversation going and remind us of dear people, places, feelings and stories. When considering your next gifts, choose your favourite photos from your photo collage and create a personalised photo t-shirt for your favourite person.

Photo t-shirts are the perfect gifts as they touch hearts and create new memories for your loved ones. There is a large range of custom t-shirt style options and there are numerous occasions where a personalised photo t-shirt would make a great gift.

Friends Reunion t-shirt photo printing

Meeting friends after a long time is an occasion you’ll never forget. Personalised t-shirts with a large photo of the group printed on the front will set the mood for the gathering. It will also serve as a testament to the fun you’ll have, until the next time you meet. You can then use the newly made photos for the next reunion’s t-shirt photo printing!

Milestone birthday

Perhaps it’s your kids’ sweet sixteen or the official turning of legal age. Your mother’s 100th birthday, or your husband’s 50th one. All of them are milestones, all of them special in their own right. So why not create your own t-shirt to celebrate these special people? Regardless of their age or personality, a personalised t-shirt allows you to be as creative as you’d like and choose the exact details they’ll love to wear on their custom t-shirt. Pokemon, Harley Davidson or a wedding photo – choose whichever you’d like.

birthday t-shirt

T-shirt photo printing for hen or stag parties

This is one special crowd where a personalised t-shirt is simply a must. You might be tempted to personalise t-shirts with an entire photo collage, but using one picture to place on the shirt might be a great way to go as well. Choosing personalised product options such as specific colours to identify the entire party or unique garment material will make your tee party stand out. For hen parties, the pink colour tends to be popular, for stag, it’s usually blue, black or gray. Customise your photo t-shirts with one unique image or several images, and upload text that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Christmas holidays

Ugly Christmas sweaters are gifts everyone loves to hate. This year, customise a t-shirt with images and colours that everyone will want to wear. You can use a simple design tool to create a whole new image, simply upload it to a website, add it all to the basket and arrange delivery. You can go with traditional red or green, or make your own rules and go pink or blue! T-shirt photo printing is that simple. No more ugly Christmas sweaters – printed t-shirts will have their moment this Christmas season!

Anniversary t-shirt photo printing gifts

Flowers – check. Chocolates – check. Jewelry? Possibly another check. It’s all wonderful but predictable and not memorable. To show your significant other that you cherish every moment you’ve shared, choose a photo, a picture or other images that have meaning and print them on a personalised t-shirt. Perhaps your favourite photo of her, a picture of your last vacation, or a fun image she loves. Personalise the photo t-shirt with colour and design that’ll be a great addition to her wardrobe. You can even choose specific brands.

Other special occasions

Honestly, every occasion is a great one for gifting a personalised photo t-shirt. Such t-shirts enable you to get really creative and personalise the t-shirt in ways that perfectly suit the recipient, regardless if it’s kids or adult men. Sometimes, any day is simply a great occasion for celebration. Did you win a case? Show it off with a custom t-shirt. You’re out of the hospital? Personalised t-shirts will help you celebrate. You got a job? Create your own t-shirt design that shows everyone your happiness.

Count on Camaloon for t-shirt photo printing

Printed t-shirts are the most personalised gifts one can give as you can choose every detail, from sizes to style to ensure it fits perfectly with your recipient. You likely have thousands of digital photos of your friends and family across numerous devices. Upload them to an online UK shop that provides personalised t-shirt printing service, such as Camaloon, and have it all set up to everyone’s excitement!

Don’t wait for the next occasion to personalise your t-shirts. T-shirt photo printing is so easy and fast that it can be done at any time. Go to our site, choose the style, upload photos, choose the range of prices and preview the style before you order it. Once you’re happy with it, save your design and arrange delivery! Our experts at Camaloon are with you every step of the way. If you have any t-shirt related questions or questions about the range of available t-shirts in our shop – contact us. We’d love to help. Just let us know what you’d like and our experts at Camaloon UK will make your t-shirt photo printing dreams come true!

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